Valeria is an interactive designer based in New York. her work is a wide spectrum ranging from www sites to apps to physical and digital interactive experiences.

she had a great 9+ years working with GE, Samsung, LG, Amex, NASA, Nascar, NYSE, MSI Chicago, Coca-Cola, Glade, WCS, Oscar Insurance, and Sony to name a few.

Had the privilege to work with some of the unique teams at Output.Site, B-Reel, Framestore and much more.

in 2015 together with Alexander Chertok she founded Studio where design and technology meet craft.

Below you can find examples of Valeria's work in e-commerce, mobile, brand event, responsive portfolio website, educational and digital media platform categories.

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responsive website

What I've done: Information architecture, research & user experience for Radical Media portfolio showcase website. 10 years worth of production work organized in more than 8 different categories.

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Savant website full UX 
Testimote website case study
Fabler website case study

e-commerce website

What I've done: Information architecture, research, user experience and interface design for e-commerce with the unique shopping experience and flexible tile grid layout.

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Vispo e-commerse case study  
NG Presents e-commerse case study

experiential, branded, digital experience

What I've done: Information architecture, research & user experience for unique portrait creation flow across desktop mobile and physical kiosk. Museum of feelings is a scent-driven exhibit where visitors explored five responsive rooms. A digital extension of the exhibit experience allowed a wider audience to create their own Mood-Lens portrait and share it to an online gallery.

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see interactive projects archive from 2008-2013 including touch tables, projections, Kinect driven installations etc.

The Museum of Feelings Experiences won 2 awards at 2016 The One Show in Responsive Environments and Cross-platform categories. The Museum of Feelings also won 4 Cannes Lions for Live Brand Experience (Gold Lion), Omni-Channel Experience (Silver Lion), Spatial Brand Installation & Experience (Bronze Lion) and Creative Data (Bronze Lion)

What I've done within Savant design team: Research & user experience and interface design for mobile & tablet app available for iOS and Android. The app lets users enjoy simple and elegant interface for their home automation setup. Pro version of the app allows for fine control and maximum customization.
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Savant app is the winner of Home Technology App of the Year and Mark of Excellence Disruptor Award at the 2015 Mark of Excellence Awards.

digital media platform, publishing, responsive website

What I've done: Information architecture, user experience, interface design and creative direction for a free how-to video sharing website that makes it easy to watch instructional videos on the variety of topics. Fully responsive grid and mobile first video experience.

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Vispo e-commerse case study  
NG Presents e-commerse case study

educational, responsive website

What I've done:Information architecture, user experience & interface design for Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation. Restructured website combines blogs, events, leader bio’s and registration for classes all in one.

brand portfolio website, e-commerce 

What I've done: Information architecture, research, user experience for the second generation of Savant company website to accommodate new products and overall rebrand. Website includes newly added e-commerce and product support as well as vast content from previous versions of the site 

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